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Jeff Chin is a lifestyle entrepreneur, consultant and explorer. He has various achievements in both corporate and technology startups, having founded and invested in several businesses and products. He has also served in some of leading companies as a technology innovator across the Americas, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, India, Africa and the Asia Pacific.

Being continually inspired by innovation, Jeff is an advocate of bootstrapping and is passionate about scalable technologies that can change the world. During his spare time, he is an avid traveller, enjoys unique experiences, as well as helping inspire and encouraging others to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures.

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Architect & Consultant

Jeff has worked for over 30 companies across ten industry sectors as an architect and technology innovator. He has acquired 25+ industry certificates ranging from technical specialisations to security and compliance management.

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Explorer & Adventurer

Being inspired by unique experiences and travel, Jeff has travelled across 30 countries and 50 cities around the globe. In his spare time, he is a bit of a foodie, enjoys photography, golf, piano and is also an amateur marksman and drone pilot.

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Founder & Mentor

Drawing on his personal experiences with business successes and failures, Jeff is always open in sharing his experiences and is happy to provide any advice and assistance to others in their entrepreneurial journeys.

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Coder & Hacker

Having coded his first game at the age of 10, Jeff always had a passion for building things from a young age. He is knowledgeable in a wide array of scalable stacks and enjoys being creative in open and unique environments.

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