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Jeff Chin is a fourth-generation Australian who has a deep heritage within the Australian and Chinese cultures. During the gold rush of the 1890s, his great great great grandfather embarked on a journey from China to the goldfields of Darwin and established one of the very first general stores in the area. Never being caught up in the gold hype, he quickly realised the arbitrage that existed in reselling used mining equipment to new optimistic gold diggers at a premium.

It was this sense of entrepreneurship that seems to be still instilled into his family even today. From a young age, Jeff had the innate desire to create and build things. He taught himself how to code and designed his first D&D style game using the Basic and Pascal languages. A few years later he developed and sold a simple security software suite to a 3rd party.

During the early 2000s, Jeff worked as a freelance web designer for educational institutions – building complex CMS systems for reporting and analysis. Shortly after, he created his first eCommerce and hardware reseller business with a focus on SMEs.

Being intrigued with innovating within finance, Jeff built various technologies within the finance industry – working with large multinational banks and investment entities with millions in managed funds. It was during this period he also day traded, with a focus on shares and derivative products such as CDFs, options and futures contracts.

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jeffchin-about-3 About Me

Today Jeff is still passionate about innovations but with a broader impact. He has a desire for sustainability and contributes to his family-owned businesses, which spans across farming and commercial food distribution. Their pre-packaged foods and fresh vegetables from their 78-hectare farm are available through multiple well-known stores throughout Australia.

Outside his ventures, Jeff enjoys being creative in open and unique environments. He is also a bit of a foodie, enjoys photography, playing golf, piano and is also an amateur marksman and drone pilot. However, his greatest joys are spending quality time with his friends and family.

Stock Trader

Previously day traded with a focus on local and international shares

Derivatives Trader

Prior trading experience with CFDs, options & futures contracts

Domain Broker

Domain broker with hundreds of local and international domains

BBS Co-Sysop

Was a co-sysop of a BBS (Bullet Board System) with multiple lines

Game Inventor

Created a hobby medieval fantasy MMPOG with players from around the world


Amateur and recreational photographer and owner of multiple SLRs and drones

'Happiness is a state of mind'