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Feeling unhappy? Why happiness is a state of mind

Finding "happiness" is a theme which I've seen again and again with the people I've met in my life as well as throughout my entrepreneurial journey. But each persons' idea of happiness is different and unique and there is no one-fits-all solution to happiness. We spend all our efforts searching for happiness within people, our...

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7-keys-building-7-figure-startup My Blog
7 lessons from building a 7 figure startup

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to create multiple businesses and products. Unfortunately, it was years of hustling and failures before I managed to create a 7 figure business. There is a saying that you "do not know what you do not know" and this holds particularly true in my case. Below are some...

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startup-incubators-right-for-you My Blog
Startup Incubators. Are they right for you?

So you have taken the first step and created a great new product or innovation. That's great! You've even pitched to your family, your friends AND they love it. Fantastic! You've made a few sales, gained some traction, and now you are looking at growing your vision. But you realise you may need some funds for...

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entrepreneur-or-wantrepreneur My Blog
Are you an Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur?

Being an “entrepreneur” today has become a trendy term- but unfortunately, it seems to have lost a lot of its meaning, and is most often misunderstood. The status quo has changed so much that anyone who creates a Facebook page or posts a few pictures on Instagram can classify themselves as entrepreneurs. The media often...

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8-top-misconceptions-about-startups My Blog
8 common misconceptions about startups

Over the years, I've had the privilege of speaking to numerous people from all walks of life about entrepreneurship and startups in general. But perhaps the most striking disconnect was those who were the aspiring individuals who may have heard about startups and entrepreneurship - but have not yet made the transition to doing one...

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5-excuses-from-stopping-you-from-pursing-dreams My Blog
5 excuses that stop you from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams

Have you ever had recurring thoughts of doing something different in life? Something that you are more passionate about? Something more fulfilling? Maybe its the thought of starting your technology company? Or creating a new food company? Perhaps your own clothing line? Or even becoming the next hottest social media influencer? But as days, weeks...

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